Below is information about our previous 24 Hour Theatre event in 2014.  Look for information in the near future on ANOTHER round of 24 Hour Theatre.


Friday, April 25 to Saturday, April 26
Open to youth 8 and older, and adults!
Application deadline is April 7.

24 Hour Application

What Is It?                        
24 hours to write, rehearse, and perform a series of one-act plays under the direction of Jennie Gray Connard, Tom Fitzpatrick, and Frank Remiatte. 

Where Is It?                        
Carlton Oaks School
9353 Wethersfield Road
Santee, CA 92071

How Much Is It?                
Free to participants. 
Performance tickets are $10 advance, $15 at the door.

How Does It Work?
It’s actually pretty easy.  Take a look at the schedule below.


FRIDAY, April 25

7:00 PM  All participants meet in the auditorium. Directors come on the stage and draw the suggestions out of hats for enough material to be the basis for one-acts. Actors’ names and A.D. names are also drawn.

7:30 PM  Casts meet with their director and playwrights to get to know each other and start planning.

8:00 PM Directors meet with playwrights to brainstorm ideas.  Directors give input on how they would like to see their show structured for optimum experience for their actors.

8:30 PM   Playwright groups begin the work of constructing the plays late into the night.  As teens begin fading, they can call their parents for pick-up. Adults will stay until it’s done.


SATURDAY, April 26

7:00 AM   Director/A.D. Teams meet to read scripts, plan blocking, and meet with costumers to give vision.

8:30 AM   Actors rehearse all day, rotating between the auditorium and separate rehearsal rooms. Costumers pull pieces from storage and go to other ACT theatres where appointments have been scheduled.

11:30 AM Lunch for ALL participants to discuss progress.  Topics: sets and props needed, costumes still needed, performance order

12:30 PM  Continue rehearsals and costume fittings. Each group will do their own separate dress rehearsal.

4:00 PM    Dinner on own to rejuvenate/memorize lines.

5:00 PM    Dress rehearsal with all groups in the auditorium.

7:00 PM           Performance